Andrea Salamon & Michael KokAshtanga + Vinyasa Flow SPETSES 2019

Andrea and Michael are the owners of Yogadotcalm Studio in Calgary.  It was yoga that brought them together over a decade ago, both very curious and interested in living a richer more authentic life.  They have been exploring yoga ever since, on a quest for learning and uncovering yoga’s undeniable magic.

Andrea’s first memories of yoga were of practicing with her Grandma in the living room as a child.  Thusly, yoga had always been in the background, and finally in 2001 the practice took hold and there was no turning back.   The stillness and clarity that comes from practice continues to bring her back to her mat and enriches her life daily.

Andrea has facilitated multiple 200 hour teacher trainings, countless workshops and has lead thousands of classes.  She offers in her teachings a lighthearted curiosity combined with functional movement in the hopes that her students may begin to uncover their connection to Self, their inner stillness.  Her offerings include Ashtanga , flow and gentle style classes, Critical Alignment, and Yoga Nidra.

Michael came to yoga, like most, for the physical postures, but has stayed because of the philosophy.  He has witnessed his perspective on life and how to live it change because of what he has learned from the rich philosophy of this practice.   He brings to his teachings concepts that go far beyond the mat, offering in his classes the opportunity for contemplation and reflection.   Michael’s offerings include flow style classes and philosophy discussions (satsang).

Andrea and Michael are honoured to join Holistic Hellenic for a journey both inward and outward in the exquisite and prodigious lands of Greece.

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