We offer authentic, holistic yoga retreats based in Greece. 

Seek Your Peace in Greece™

Come experience Greece with us! We have chosen to host our retreats at unique, locally-run establishments that share our values. Join us under vibrant blue skies, nearby the aquamarine sea, amongst vagrant hillside herbs, in the midst of ancient olive groves and where stargazing dazzles you with wonder.

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Meet Our Expert Yoga Instructors

  • Lerrita Rubinoff Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master & Nidra Therapist

    Lerrita Rubinoff is a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Yoga Nidra Therapist and Meditation teacher. Originally from Brazil, she brings all the warmth and colour of her native culture to influence her style of teaching. She has gained her experience in Yoga through living and studying in India under many different Yoga masters.


    HHYR Evia Retreat: Aug 2019 
  • Dr. Carol Hutchison Restorative Yoga & Reiki Master

    Carol Hutchison is an orthopaedic surgeon in Calgary, and became a certified yoga teacher after experiencing firsthand the healing power of yoga. She is a Reiki Master and instructs in Yoga Teacher Training programs.

    HHYR Evia Retreat: Aug 2019 
  • Joanne Hutchinson Critical Alignment, Mysore & Ashtanga Teacher

    No matter the venue, my joy comes from seeing people re-discover the rhythm of their breath, and the consequent energetic connection of flow and movement within their body that comes with it.

    HHYR Spetses Retreat: Sept 2020
  • Tanis Fishman Yoga Nidra Specialist

    Tanis continuously asks the ultimate existential question: ‘Who am I’? This question inspires and informs her life’s path. She is fascinated with all paths that merge individual consciousness into the universal spirit. She guides yoga Nidra, meditation, pranayama, and asana.


    HHYR Evia Retreat: Aug 2019 
  • Andrea Salamon & Michael Kok Vinyasa Flow, Critical Alignment, Ashtanga Yoga Teachers

    Andrea and Michael are the owners of Yogadotcalm Studio in Calgary.  It was yoga that brought them together over a decade ago, both very curious and interested in living a richer, more authentic life.  They have been exploring yoga ever since, on a quest for learning and uncovering yoga’s undeniable magic.


    HHYR Spetses Retreat: Sept 2019 

Meet Our HHYR Principals

  • Paul Vargis Principal Guide

    Paul began practicing yoga in order to recover from kickboxing injuries, and continues his practice mostly to help centre his super-curious mind while he works on his short-story science fiction novellas and non-fiction political history. He especially loves to travel and explore together with Eleni.


  • Eleni Tsaprailis Vargis Founder

    Eleni is trilingual, has an MBA from Paris, and an international marketing career. Eleni knows Greece well, speaks fluent Greek, and looks forward to sharing experiences in this amazing country with HHYR guests.

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