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Welcome back! Socrates once said: “Wisdom begins in Wonder”

Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher

There are so many places around the world that are aching to welcome you back as guests after the global lockdown due to Covid19 – none more so than our beloved Greece.

Greece managed a successful reopening of tourist zones this summer, and everything should be much more secure next year when Greece celebrates its 200 year Independence anniversary.  The country awaits even more guests moving forward as one of the top tourist destinations recognized worldwide; and the nation is preparing even stronger protocols based on the science mitigating the novel coronavirus.

Greek Freedom Flag 1821

Famous Delacroix painting of the Greek War of Independence

Greece handled the initial outbreak exceptionally well from February 2020 up until present day, as one of the safest countries throughout the EU. We believe you have nothing to fear from booking your trip to Greece for 2021, beginning with us, but also working with our partners EasyJet,and Omega Travel to safely get you there and to help you round out your vacation plans. Also consider First Choice for further ideas on your Greece itinerary.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

We have no fear in planning the best yogadventures possible at two very distinct locations – both on mainland Greece, and so very easy to get to upon your arrival at Athens International Airport. The first is at METEORA – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also easily accessible from Thessaloniki airport. We will provide carriage from the Athens airport direct to the Hotel Meteora – our 4-star accommodation in Kastraki, voted one of the 25 most charming villages throughout Europe, by Condé Nast Traveler. Each guestroom will have unparalleled views of the majestic Meteora runes. We find this scenic environment deeply spiritual, and trust you most likely will too.

Village of Kastraki

Join us for this bucket-list level experience you won’t find with any other wellness retreat. We pride ourselves in making local connections, nourished into relationships and close bonds that get you in the door and off-grid to uniquely experience all the area has to offer. We do this with every location we choose, and with everyone we choose to work with.

Everyone is vetted for integrity and authenticity. Have a look back at our very successful retreats launching our company in 2019: Evia and Spetses are two Aegean islands not very well known, and this is exactly why we chose them – including our close relationships with the locals. Our guests each had exceptional experiences, and you’ll notice testimonials sprinkled throughout out Web site…

Spetses, Old Harbour

Our second yogadventure for 2021 is scheduled for Cape Sounion, another outstanding location – and spiritual in a different way. We will be based at the Aegeon Hotel at the southern tip of the Attica Riviera – a truly glorious slice of Greece.  Easy to get to with your own car rental from the Athens airport – which we highly recommend as you’ll want to explore the Riviera during your stay with us.

Cape Sounio Sunset

Temple of Poseidon

Attica Riviera

We were all set to offer these two yogadventures this year, but as we all know, 2020 brought international travel to a grinding halt due to Covid19. So we have worked with our partners and vendours to ensure a safe return to Greece in 2021, at the best value possible. We of course will ensure the best opportunity to experience and enjoy not only yoga with our exemplary instructors, but also other adventures unique to each space.

1st C Byzantine monastery

For example, at Meteora we will have a private tour of a centuries old Byzantine monastery (or nunnery). At Sounio, we will have a private tour of the ancient Temple of Poseidon. Other opportunities to experience unique and exemplary points-of-interest nearby each site will also be offered. Nearby Meteora is the ancient sanctuary at Delphi, seat of the Oracle of Apollo – I wrote about this remarkable site in my Seek the Sacred blog post, when this yogadventure was originally planned for April 2020. Have a read for full details of what we can offer.

Ancient Delphi

Pythia priestess, Oracle of Apollo

Nearby Sounio, obviously, is Athens – ancient and modern capital of Greece. No visit to Greece is complete without at least one day visiting the Acropolis, followed by a tour of its internationally acclaimed Museum. If you have more than one day to experience Athens, we have many, many, inside tips of where to go and where to dine. Otherwise, there are so many idyllic island options nearby with the Saronic &/or Cycladic archipelagos highly recommended. Further afield are the well-known islands of Rhodes and Crete – with the lesser-known Karpathos gaining recognition.

Athens, ancient and modern capital of Greece

Milos, Cycladic isle


If you prefer to tour mainland Greece with your car rental (safer than tour buses with the ongoing fears of Covid19), the country is extremely well organized with road signs in English and with your GPS enabled you won’t get lost, but might end up on a different path to where you’re going – but that’s part of the “wonder” Socrates so rightly referred to centuries ago…

Old Man Walking, Greek countryside

I think we can all agree that the planet enjoyed the “great pause” we all experienced in those months March-May 2020 when the world was locked down. Great photos of blue skies over Beijing and Delhi – two metropolises usually shrouded in grey smog, were truly inspiring. News of wildlife regaining their natural habitats and birds singing loudly in empty cities gave me hope we were on a new path, together, to reclaim this planet for the health of all its inhabitants.

Blue skies over Athens

Unfortunately, lessons – not – learned from the past, echoed by this poem, tempers my hope:

~ History repeats itself ~
And people stayed home
And they read books
And they heard
And they rested
And they did exercises
And they made art and played
And they learned new ways of being
And they stopped and listened deeper
Someone meditated, someone prayed
Someone met his shadow
And people started to think differently
And the people were healed.
And in the absence of people who lived ignorantly,
Dangerous, meaningless and heartless,
The earth also began to heal.
And when the danger ended and
People met,
They grieved for the dead
And they made new choices
And they dreamed of new visions
And they created new ways of living
And completely healed the earth
Just when they were healed.

*** This poem was written by Kathleen O’Meara during the 1869 pandemic – and reprinted in 1919 during the Spanish Flu Pandemic***

Face Mask Fashions, 1919

All said and done however, I do have hope that as we realize travel is no longer something we can take for granted, but something now recognized as a privilege. To visit another country as welcome guests, is deeply appreciated in a country like Greece, where guest rights and hospitality are ancient traditions.  So we suggest everyone slow down and take the time to truly explore a space with dignity and respect. We would be honoured to help you experience this sort of wonder in Greece. Join us next year won’t you?

Greece is the word



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