Attica Riviera Sample Schedule

 In Meteora/Delphi

Especially during this era of Covid19, our passion remains to enable a safe and transformative experience, that will allow our guests to take the serenity, and peace they achieve during their adventure, with Holistic Hellenic, home with them.

Some of us remain nervous re: international travel, but Greece has consistently remained one of the top countries in the world, in terms of their Covid-response. We continue to trust our host nation, and we welcome you to join us for daily yoga practice with our world-class instructors; enjoy locally sourced organic meals; and explore Greece on local adventures &/or small, safely distant, group activities.

A few things your Holistic Hellenic Experience will also include

Sample Daily Activities, include:
  • AM asana practice
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Beach Time/Free Time
  • All day snack/juice bar
  • Exploration/excursions optional
  • Light dinner
  • Evening practice (restorative &/or Nidra)

Holistic Hellenic is proud of the unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences we offer. Why spend another week or so lounging by a pool in a resort hotel somewhere that could be anywhere in the world? Instead join us and create priceless memories, connect with kindred souls and recharge your spirit in natural and authentic settings.

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