Meteora Sample Schedule

 In Meteora/Delphi

Our passion is to deliver a transformative experience that will enable our guests to take the serenity and peace they achieve during their practice with Holistic Hellenic home with them. We welcome you to join us for daily yoga practice with our world-class instructors, enjoy locally sourced organic breakfast, and explore Greece as our guest on group activities.

A few things your Holistic Hellenic Experience will also include

Sample Activities (all optional), include:
  • daily morning & evening yoga practice
  • guided hikes to the Meteora monasteries
  • private, guided tours, of one or two Meteora monasteries &/or nunnery
  • visit to museums, and other points-of-interest
  • visit of ancient site of Delphi *optional add-on*
  • tour of hotel’s estate vineyards
  • professional yoga-photo shoot w/ Meteora runes as a backdrop
Sample day at Meteora w/ Holistic Hellenic:
  • 7-8:30am: Gentle yoga/Hatha flow  w/ Maria
  • 9-10:30am: breakfast buffet + free time  – OR – 
  • 8-Noon: Orthodox Liturgy Service at one of the monasteries, followed by breakfast & tea in town (Kalambaka or Kastraki)      
  • Philosophy talk, Hellenic vs. Hindu, in amphitheatre w/ Eleni & Tracey
  • Nature hike/stroll through the vineyards – &/OR – free time   
  • 6pm: early communal dinner at the hotel
  • 9-10pm: Sound Meditation w/ Tracey 

Holistic Hellenic is proud of the unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences we offer.  Why spend another week or so lounging by a pool in a resort hotel somewhere that could be anywhere in the world? Instead join us and create priceless memories, connect with kindred souls and recharge your spirit in natural and authentic settings.

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