Yogadventure, Meteora/Delphi | 21-28th April 2020

This yoga + adventure (#yogadventure) excursion will allow us to Seek the Sacred™ in Meteora & Delphi recognized since antiquity as spaces touched by the divine. You will immediately feel the magic in these spiritual places, and we hope you will find your own divinity within as well – with yoga, meditation, self-discovery and adventure, in a very holistic and Hellenic way.

In between our yoga sessions, we will offer many & various excursions, such as tours, some private, to the Byzantine Monasteries built on top the runes, beginning in the 900s. When you see these monasteries, you may wonder how they were built without modern technology? It is perhaps the result of the enduring mystery of what the ambition of human nature touched by the divine can accomplish.

As noted, we will be based in Kastraki, with wondrous views, and from which we will practice yoga daily; including sound meditation and yoga Nidra. We will also discuss the crossroads of Hellenic & Hindu philosophy and history from a unique amphitheatre on-site, below the runes, surrounded by estate vineyards. We’ll be immersed in a pastoral paradise, perfect for photography &/or painting en plein aire, if that’s your passion as well.

Explore our accommodations in Meteora in more detail, or select your room and place a deposit to reserve your spot in our Holistic Hellenic Meteora/Delphi yogadventure today.

Join us at the 4-star Hotel Meteora , in the quaint village of Kastraki – voted as one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe 2019, by Codné Nast Traveller.

We will offer lovely private or double-occupancy rooms with all amenities, en suite, and amazing views of the majestic runes. Mainland Greece is wonderful to explore anytime, but especially during springtime. The temperature is perfect and the land is blooming.

About our yogadventure at Meteora & Delphi

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