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Spetses offers unique experiences and attractions during late summer and early fall. As an HHYR guest, you will enjoy an authentic experience in Greece. We will help guide you through Spetses, but you will also have plenty of free time to explore the island on your own. Locals are very friendly, transportation is plentiful, and there is no shortage of things to do – and eat! Local cuisine is delicious.

1. Daily Yoga, Activities & Meals

HHYR Spetses will have two daily yoga practice sessions poolside at The Bays. Yoga classes will be led by power yoga couple: Andrea & Mike. Furthermore, all guests have unlimited access to the pool all day/every day. HHYR guides will also offer *optional* excursions to various points-of-interest. Retreat also includes Welcome Reception + daily communal traditional Greek-style, vegetarian, breakfast. Other meal options are your own to choose: the island has a variety of tavernas offering delicious Greek food – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Other options include more international cuisine, such as Thai, Italian or Mexican.

2. Accommodations Include

All rooms at The Bays, have private en suite and include refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, balcony/patio + free Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

3. Transportation Options

Two options to get to Spetses: 1) from Piraeus via Flying Dolphin – travel time is approximately 2 hours; or 2) by road w/ rental car via Corinth canal and past Epidaurus to Porto Heli – drive time is approximately 3 hours from Athens. However private vehicles are strictly prohibited on the island, so please discuss rental options with your agency. Once on Spetses you can rent mopeds or bikes; take taxis, caiques or buses. Or walk.

4. Planning Your Journey to Spetses

We recommend you read through our travel guide to help you plan your trip to Spetses.

***Please note Schedules and Prices may be subject to change, without notice***

Shared Room

Share a room with another traveler, and feel a sense of community while you practice.

  • Shared Room
    400 7 days
    • per person
    • maximum 2/room
    • daily vegetarian Greek-style breakfast
    • *optional* excursions &/or FREE time
    • daily poolside yoga AM/PM practic

Private Room

  • Private Room
    600 7 days
    • single occupancy private room
    • daily vegetarian Greek-style breakfast
    • daily poolside AM/PM yoga practice
    • *optional* excursions &/or FREE time
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