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We plan to visit the Purple Caves of Evia, during our retreat next summer. This is a newly accessible caving experience for cave enthusiasts, and adventure seekers of all kinds. The North underwater walls are covered with purple-coloured algae, from which these caves get their name.

The Purple Caves of Evia

The cave complex is an impressive, marine precipice recently explored by members of the Greek Speleological Expeditionary Group in South Evia, from the village of Zarakes, where our home base of Zarka Villas is located. The cave complex is a doline in a karstic region, typically funnel-shaped near the Aegean Sea with two underwater entrances: approximately 15 meters wide and 25 meters long. The height of the water surface is approximately 20 meters lower and approximately 25 meters higher.

Access to the Purple Caves

There is another access point from the water surface, relatively easy to navigate using a security rope. The bottom of the cave is divided into two parts, which cavers can get to by rappelling down to the interior lake. The pond has almost the same dimensions as the cave (length & width) and a depth ranging from 10 meters to about 20 meters.

Cave Diving in Evia

One end of the lake, to the side of the sea, joins it in two places: The first is a large 15m deep arch and the second is a narrow 3-meter deep cleft. At the other end of the pond, the mountain continues underwater with a sandy bottom – ideal for cave diving, emerging approximately 5 meters on the other side.

Adventure Excursion in Aegean Islands

This cave complex is a magical place and worth a visit – especially for all the speleologists on retreat with us! Those not wishing to rappel inside the caves can explore the exterior slopes, resting on the shores of the Aegean.

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