Reservations now open for 7-day Seek the Sacred™ excursion through Meteora & Delphi



Reservations now open for 7 day yogadventure – spring 2020 in Greece.

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Enjoy an authentic travel experience that brings your mind and body together in calm and peaceful settings. Each of our yogadventures includes 2-3 yoga sessions per day led by world-class instructors, affording a perfect fit for an adventurous spirit seeking a unique and transformative experience, based on yoga & holistic philosophies.



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Seek and explore Greece with a unique point of view offered during our yogadventure tours, off-grid, on-site, on mountains and beaches, on islands and throughout the mainland – wherever you might seek to find balance.

Mind + Body

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Re-center your mind and body through guided yoga practice with our master instructors. Our sessions are suitable for ALL experience levels, and we restrict our group size to ensure individual attention.



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Find your balance and seek some peace while harmonizing mind & body organically as you practice surrounded and immersed in the nature of Greece.

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We will experience much of the unique, holistic and Hellenic culture, both modern and classic. We will introduce you to locals, offering an authentic flavour of Greece you won’t find on more traditional tourist tours. We take you off-grid, even at the consummate tourist sites of Meteora & Delphi

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experience greece

Come experience Greece with us in unique settings we have chosen specifically for each Yogadventure. We offer a variety of experiences, in charming locations, beneath vibrant blue skies. Join us nearby the aquamarine sea, amongst vagrant hillside herbs, in the midst of ancient olive groves and where stargazing dazzles you with wonder.

Enjoy Your Stay

You won’t be shuttled around at a frantic pace when you stay with us. Our yogadventures provide ample free time for you to explore, relax, and find your balance – or your bliss.


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Eleni and Paul graduated Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training together in Calgary 5+ years ago, and soon after got married. They strive to seek their peace with their shared yoga practice as a foundation of their relationship; and they are passionate about delivering a memorable and impactful experience for their guests.

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Our hosts have selected private, boutique accommodations that provide all of the modern comforts without the resort feel.

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Seek your Peace in Greece™ 

Holistic Hellenic welcomes seekers of peace & joy to join our group of yogis for transformative 7 day journey throughout Greece. Reserve your spot today.

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